Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Who is Valis Volkova?

I ask the question in the title. Well 5 years ago it was a bright and lively 17 year old from Cheshire who came for a shoot called Portia. Now she separates her music and acting from her modelling by the name Valis Volkova. Non stop interacting through conversation and laughter. Valis brought an array of alternative outfits which befit her personality. This was really great shooting with unique and one-off clothing. Not only did we shoot some alternative fashion but some artsy images and of course some portraits. No shoot would be complete without that. So I will leave you to make your mind up about your favourite images. Just enjoy.

Thursday, 20 April 2017


I always enjoy shoots that are arranged last minute and this shoot with Serenity certainly was. Late home from the pub I replied to a message and we had a shoot next day. Being ages since I had done anything other than fashion and portrait it was certainly going to be a welcome departure. Serenity was very enthusiastic and very adaptable and we got on so well. Quick changes of clothing (or not) meant we got plenty of variety in. Very excited to show you our very creative shoot. Just enjoy.